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Choose your best raw food diet for cats

Choose your best raw food diet for cats

Cats are carnivores. But, anyway, there are many differences. First, cats should eat only fresh food.

Cats organism can’t remove any hazardous byproducts; rather, they've developed quite unique flavor and aroma abilities that would keep them from eating anything that isn't fresh. They may be evolutionarily picky for great reason. If your cat is on a raw diet, it means that all food should be fresh.

Second, it's strongly urged that cats eat daily. It isn't reasonable to fast a cat for more than 24 hours, and particularly if the pet is big-boned! Because of their metabolism, cats can have a 'hepatic lipidosis' if they don't receive sufficient quantities of food.

Therefore, when changing a cat to a raw diet, one must be really mindful the cat eats something each day—even if this means combining commercial food with the uncooked food so the cat eats.

Third, cats would not have the ability to form taurine from methionine and cysteine, like dogs for example. What this means is that a cat should receive enough taurine in order to fulfill its taurine conditions. Good news is that taurine is found in practically all meats, particularly beef heart.

There's one proviso: don't grind the food. Grinding raises the surface area of the meat and so exposes more of the "great things" to the atmosphere. This leads to oxidation of taurine and a resultant decline in total taurine accessible to the cat. Also, grinding creates an ideal environment for bacteria growing, and bacteria also use the taurine in the meat, thus further decreasing the overall number of taurine accessible to your cat. So, if you feed your cat a ground uncooked diet, he may not receive all the taurine it must flourish, as is true for a group of kittens fed whole, ground uncooked bunny in this study.

Cats can eat precisely the same uncooked foods as dog can eat, only in smaller pieces and consistently fresh. If your cat is an enthusiastic hunter, you might simply supplementing with uncooked food sometimes. There are cats that don't eat meat from animals that normally aren't their quarry, which might rule out steak, lamb, venison, and such. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean these meats shouldn't be attempted. Conversely —some cats 'alter their minds' about specific meats once they begin eating fresh uncooked food.

Most cats cannot stand frozen or chilly food.

NEVER place a raw meat into the microwave oven to unfreeze it!

Microwave oven cook from the inside out, and after cooking part of the meat remains cool. The cooked meat will subsequently be fragile and splintery. You should swap out the water in the bowl several times if the raw meat or bones is actually frozen, but that's simple to do.