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What is the best diet for a dog

What is the best diet for a dog

There are a number of dietary elements that are essential your dog must have on a daily basis. If not be giving food to your dog these essentials it can cause obesity and poor health.

Protein. Many producers use vegetable proteins inside their dog food—that are tough for dogs. Choose dog food that has mainly animal protein. Your pet needs minimum of 18% protein on their nourishment for care when they're adults - 22% for development and reproduction. You shouldn’t overfeed dog, because much protein can cause hyperactivity.

Fat. Fats provide energy and needed vitamins for healthy coat of your dog. Don't buy fat free foods.

Vitamins. Speak to your veterinarian about vitamins your dog need.

Water. Dog's water demands depend on his action level. Additionally, eating lots of dry food will make your dog parched. Most commercial foods satisfy the minimal daily requirements for a dog's nutrition. Feeding the amount that is appropriate Dogs should normally have two little meals a day.

A recommended ration size is supplied on almost all packaged meals. Here is the instruction that pet products follow:

  • Toy dogs 3-12 pounds: 1/2 - 1 1/4 cups
  • Little dogs 13-25 pounds: 1 1/4 – 2 cups
  • Moderate dogs 26-50 pounds: 2 – 3 3/4 cups
  • Big dogs 51-100 pounds: 3 3/4 – 3/4 cups
  • Extra Large dogs 100 pounds and more: 6 3/4 plus 1/2 cup for each 10 pounds of weight over 100 pounds

Feeding the appropriate quality Veterinarians frequently propose a mix of both dry and wet food while no investigation have demonstrated which kind of dog food is better.

Treats. Reduce dog treats and be sure to balance your dog’s diet with the kinds of treats he is being given by you. Foods to prevent. Milk should not be replaced for water; diarrhea can be caused by too much milk. Fish, raw meat or eggs can create issues ranging from atopic dermatitis to attacks.

Always make certain your dog's food is completely cooked and prevent anything with little bones. Chocolate, can be hazardous.