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Raw food diet for dogs. Menu and recipes

Raw diet for dogs (raw meat diet)

You will frequently hear folks speaking about RMB's, which means Raw Meaty Bones. Definitely, a dog can eat (and will love eating) the whole bone. Important notice! Cooked bones. Feeding cooked bones your dog has a possibility of splintering.

In order to reap the advantages that each protein supplies a dog on a raw diet will want various different meats; while another may be more needed in vitamin A, for example one kind of meat may be higher in iron.

Here is a list of some foods:

  • Chicken - whole or any components!
  • Cornish game hens (entire)
  • Steak (any cuts)
  • Oxtail
  • Bunny
  • Quail
  • Buffalo, kangaroo

Additionally, your dog does want organ meat, for its high nutrient contents - feed kidney or liver as 10% of their diet. Give one protein source at a time, when you begin your dog on uncooked. Give on meal chicken for a week, then steak for a week, to introduce these foods to your pet’s system. In this way you can readily have a protein allergy. You shouldn't have any trouble varying meat during regular weeks once the food is introduced.

This was one of my worries when we starting looking into the choice that is raw. Raw meat is dangerous for people due to bacteria (e coli or Salmonella). Along with meat, contain vegetables, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and so on.

So are great to use when you don’t have bones, eggs, like bones, are a great source of calcium. There are innumerable great foods once you begin searching to give your pet! Grains, nevertheless, are totally unnecessary - whereas commercial pet foods are consistently grain-based diets, many folks are used to the notion that grain is needed by their dogs. It’s simply incorrect. Positive impact of eating uncooked are related to removing grain from your dog’s diet.

How much does my dog have to eat?

You should feed a healthy mature dog between 2-4% of its weight. Begin on the lower end of the spectrum, if your dog who must gain a small amount of weight, begin closer to 4% if you have an overweight or obese dog. Pups may need up to 10% of their weight everyday. Raw diets are perfect for pups that are growing, also, but they can’t eat the same bones as adult dog. Feed pups with non-weight bearing bones, as their youthful teeth can’t manage thicker bones.

Where can I buy raw food?

They can be quite expensive, while those are a step upward from kibble and you don’t have the advantage of understanding just what your dog eats at each meal. We advocate locating local farmer or an excellent butcher for your meat source. You’ll likely have the capacity to work out great deals purchasing in bigger amounts, if you've got some additional freezer space.

As far as price goes, uncooked is more cheap than kibble. Individuals feeding kibble should feed more of it to fill a dog needs; uncooked food is more economical in that sense.