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What to feed your pet rabbit

What to feed your pet rabbit

If your mature bunny is used to alfalfa hay, try combining alfalfa with a grass hay and slowly reduce the number of alfalfa. Veggies must be the most part of daily ratio.

Determined by the size of the bunny, 2-4 cups of fresh vegetables is enough for a day. If a bunny is used to eating mostly granules, the switch must be done slowly to let the bunny`s digestive system time to adapt.

Nevertheless, colewort, spinach, mustard greens are full of oxalates so their eating should be restricted to 3 meals each week. You should avoid such vegetables as cauliflower, cabbage, and potatoes as it can be dangerous. Also lettuce Iceberg has virtually no nutritional value so should be prevented.

Wash out veggies well, and just if you give dandelions be sure that it is pesticide free. You can give vegetables to bunnies from 12 weeks old , in small amounts and once a day. Select fresh, great quality pellet.

For grownups, the sum should be carefully modulated, determined by the weight of the bunny.

Generally, give about 1/4 cup for bunnies 5-7 pounds, 1/2 cup for 8-10 pound bunnies, and 3/4 cup for 11-15b pound bunnies. Just like people, bunnies love an excellent meal. A fine mixture of hay, vegetables, pellets, together with fresh water will make your bunny healthy and joyful.