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How to feed pet rats?

How to feed pet rats?

For most owners, a mixture of an excellent rat block and some fresh delicacy as nutritional supplements is the simplest and best method to supply a balanced diet.

Foods for pet rats purchased at shop

When you are buying food for your rat try to find a diet meals made especially for rats. A granule or block (basically a big granules) sort diet has been regarder best (anyway there are some worries ). Loose combinations can be quite nicely balanced and whole diets but only if the rats eat all in the combination (and many do not).

These rat blocks should be left accessible to rat anytime. A generally recommended pellet diet is Oxbow Regal Rat food . A rat or mouse diet that fulfills the exact same general requirements is an excellent compromise if you are unable to locate a great rat special diet.

Nevertheless, hamster, gerbil and other rodent diets aren't a great replacement as their nutritional requirements are distinct and these typically include alfalfa that's seemingly not quite digestible to rats.

Rats reap the benefits of eating many different vegetables and fruits. Below is a list of treats you may want to attempt, remembering that feeding an extensive assortment of foods is the best method to ensure optimum nutrition and well-being.

  • Cooked liver and other really thin cooked meats
  • Reserved legumes (including soya)
  • Yogurt (particularly with live cultures)
  • Brown rice
  • Unsweetened breakfast cereals
  • Mealworms
  • Little dog biscuits

Leftovers are fine but you should avoid oily or sweet garbage and things off the list beneath

  • Chocolate
  • Uncooked legumes
  • Uncooked sweet potato
  • Green potatoes
  • Sweets and any other "junk food"
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Green bananas
  • Wild bugs (because of parasites and pesticides they may include)
  • Poppy seeds